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About Us

Brief History

The Society “Udayabhanu” was set up way back in 1994, by Commander P.C. Acharya, an Executive Officer & Flying Pilot in Indian Navy, mainly with a view to extending the time tested benefits of Ayurvedic way of life and therapy to the mass.

The Society has been successfully undertaking various programmes not only for Ayurvedic medicine / treatment but also for other social objectives namely, Ayurvedic Awareness Camps, Asthma Awareness Camps, Juice Therapy, Computer Awareness Programme, Book Bank for students, ‘Vidyadaana ’-a financial scholarship scheme for bright students from economically weaker sections of society, Public Library, Self-employment Awareness workshops, National Tribal Cultural Festivals etc.

The Society took a major step forward by introducing the Nation’s 1 st Mobile Ayurvedic Dispensary at Mumbai launched at the hands of Late Shri Dip Chand Gardi followed by the 2nd MDS launched launched by Sri Eknath Gaikwad, the then Hon’bIe Minister of Health, Govt of Maharashtra and the 3 rd such MDS donated by Kirandevi Saraf Trust and launched by
Sh Mahavir Prasad Saraf in 1999. In 2001 this service was launched Bisoi, Odisha and one Ambulance Service was added at Cuttack, Odisha.


The primary objective of the Society is to work towards promotion of health through Ayurveda through all possible ways.

Managing Committee

The composition of the Managing Committee along with a brief Bio-data of the key Persons have been given in Annexure ‘B’

Present Activities

Present major activities of the Society include the following :

 Running of one Ayurvedic clinic Viz “AROGYA NIKETANA” at Bhandup, Mumbai.
 Running of two Mobile Ayurvedic Dispensaries – one at Mumbai and the other at Bisoi, Odissa.
 Running of one Ambulance at Cuttack.
 Organizing Various camps relating to health awareness, alternative medcal facilities through Ayurvedic treatment, naturopathy, literacy programme, etc.
 Conduct of National Ayurvedic Exposition.
 Establishment of Yoga kendras, Naturopathic & Hydrotherapy centers and Juice therapy centers.



  1. Nation-wide promotion of Ayurveda.
  2. Establishing Ayurveda hospitals, clinics, mobile dispensaries etc.
  3. Establishing Research Center, Ayurvedic colleges/ educational institutions to help promote Ayurvedic medicine / treatment.
  4. Establishing Herbal plantations/ medicinal plants.
  5. Establishing manufacturing facilities for production of quality Ayurvedic medicines.
  6. Publishing of magazines/ newspapers/ pamphlets/ brochures etc. in various languages to facilitate promotion of Ayurveda.
  7. Providing on-line Ayurvedic consultancy globally through internet.
  8. Undertaking programmes of central and State Govts in the field of health, nutrition, sanitation & health, education especially for women and children.


  1. Establishing a chain of study centers cum library cum information centers in various parts of the country to enable the lesser privileged section of the society.
  2. Establishing vocational training centers for employment of unemployed youth, handicapped persons and destitutes.
  3. Running of Balashrams, orphanages, special hostels, Old-Age homes and schools for the blind.


Conducting cultural festivals for projection of national integration and cultural heritage, especially of the tribals.


Undertaking projects based on local, social & economic issues such as environmental projection through social forestry, energy conservation, popularization of science & technology, economic self-sufficiency, animal husbandry, respectable living for the distressed etc.